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Discover the iconic Italian cuisine learning program!

The program connects food and wine lovers with the richness of Florence and Italy’s culinary traditions through an interactive approach led by highly regarded industry professionals.

Real chefs and sommeliers representing the Apicius faculty teach the non-credit offerings to provide participants with an authentic and professional approach to learning about Italian food and wine culture. Instructors not only come from substantial industry backgrounds but they are well-traveled and adept at creating a stimulating international atmosphere in the virtual classroom.

Private Workshops

2.5 hours to be scheduled with instructors

  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Traditional Tuscan Cuisine
  • Italian Fresh Pasta
  • Pizza and Focaccia
  • Chocolate Workshop
  • Italian Regional Cakes and Tarts

Private Lectures

2.5 hours to be scheduled with instructors

  • Pairing Food and Wine
  • Introduction to Tuscan Wines
  • Introduction to Italian Wines

Group Classes

2.5 hours with starting time at 5pm CET, Daily topics

  • (W1 Northern Italy, W2 Central Italy, W3 Southern Italy)
  • Monday Italian Regional Cuisine Workshop
  • Tuesday Tuscan Cuisine Workshop
  • Wednesday Wine Lesson
  • Thursday Pastry Workshop
Workshop or lecture (for 1 to 10 participants)
One experience € 130
 Four experiences € 145
Group course cost per person (minimum 5 participants)
Single Lesson € 45
Week Lessons

€ 140

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Traditional Tuscan Cuisine

Participants will learn about the history and main characteristics of Tuscan cuisine, one of the most famous in the world. They will be exposed to the development of Tuscan cuisine. The lecture portion will cover an overview of Tuscan culinary masterpieces, and followed by a cooking class on typical Tuscan dishes.

Italian Fresh Pasta

This workshop will focus on the history and characteristics of pasta, which can be considered the main gastronomic symbol of Italy. Participants will examine the production methods, shapes and fillings from North to South throughout the lecture, and then participate in a cooking class on typical, fresh handmade pastas.

Pizza and Focaccia

Discover the evolution of flatbread through the different cultures in the Mediterranean basin. In particular, the workshop will focus on the Italian masterpiece of Pizza Margherita and other flatbreads. The lecture will be followed by a cooking class on traditional Italian pizza and focaccia.

Chocolate Workshop – Bars, Cakes, and Spreads

Once just an exotic product from the New World, chocolate has now entered our culinary habits thanks to its incredible flavor and versatility. Participants are invited to learn the secrets of chocolate and will be guided into the world of chocolate creations.

Italian Regional Cakes and Tarts 

Explore the world of traditional Italian pastry through the most famous national and regional desserts. The workshop will introduce the history of the traditional recipes chosen. In addition, participants will learn fun facts about the folklore and symbolic meanings connected to traditional Italian sweets.

You can enjoy your Italian Cuisine experience in few simple steps


Choose the type of workshop you prefer and schedule workshop day and time with instructors.


Pay your pro-forma invoice by Pay-Pal.

Course material

Your will receive access to our remote platform and course material.

What you will get

Chefs will give you recommendations considering availability of ingredients (where students live) and equipment needed. (Students/clients are encouraged to communicate any food intolerances.

You will receive the list of ingredients and kitchen tools needed for the workshop. If you do not want to cook/ taste food/wine you can just observe and don’t need to buy anything. 

You meet with chef instructors on the scheduled day and time for the workshop. A digital culinary book is included for all clients/ customers.

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